Where to buy Yamakawa Aiji’s mangas:

These sites are in Japanese (excluding the global rakuten, cd japan and yesasia) so they might only ship within Japan but if you live overseas it’s best to use a reliable forwarding service e.g. Tenso. U v U enjoy~ 

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katarin-kishika sent: I love yajirobee.. Where can I buy her manga though? Do you know any legit sites? Thanks. :)

Yajirobeeeeeee. excuse my lameness, I just love saying it like that.

Hello sorry for the late reply. Let me re-direct you on a previous post I answered earlier. :D clickherequrl

/I’ll actually make a different post on where you can buy Yamakawa Aiji’s mangas./ 

Anonymous sent: I LOVE YOUR TUMBLR. dats all i gotta say~ and i love you for making it ;)

*smothers you virtually with my hugs* thank you U v U 

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